FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. We have collected questions and answers here to provide you with important information quickly and easily. If you need further help, simply call us on +49 511 33644 567 (service hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 16:00) or send us a message by e-mail to

Getting to the trade fair

By train

From Hanover Central Station, take the tram line 8 or 18 to the exhibition grounds (entrances NORD 1 and 2) in about 18 minutes.

Public transportation
  • Tram 8 – access to NORD 1 + 2 entrances
    From Hanover Central Station via the stations Kröpcke, Aegidientorplatz, Altenbekener Damm and Bothmerstraße you can reach the exhibition grounds by tram line 8.
  • Tram 6 – access to the OST 3 entrance
    Tram line 6 takes you to the OST 3 entrance via the stations Kröpcke, Aegidientorplatz, Braunschweiger Platz, Bult, Tierärztliche Hochschule and Kronsberg.
  • Bus lines 340 and 341 – access to the South + West 1 entrances
    The bus stop Gutenbergstraße (for the South Entrance) and the bus stop Messe/Laatzen (for the West 1 Entrance) are served by bus lines 340 and 341 and provide connections from Rethen, Pattensen and Laatzen to the exhibition grounds.
From the airport

The train platform at Hanover Airport is located between Terminals B and C. From there you can take the S-Bahn line S5 to Hannover main station, there you have the option of changing to tram line 8 in the direction of Messe Nord, which will take you directly to the exhibition grounds.

By car

The A2 highway offers a convenient and fast journey from North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin. The A7 will take you directly to Hanover, regardless of whether you are coming from Hamburg or Munich.

For travelers from the north:
Take the A7 towards Kassel/Hannover and take exit 56 Kreuz Hannover-Kirchhorst onto the A37 (B3 Messe-Schnellweg) towards Hannover/Messe.

For travelers from the east:
Follow the A2 towards Magdeburg/Hannover/Dortmund and take exit 47 Kreuz Hannover-Buchholz onto the A37 (B3 Messe-Schnellweg) towards Hannover/Messe.

For travelers from the south:
Take the A7 towards Hannover/Hamburg and take exit 60 Dreieck Hannover-Süd onto the A37 (B3 Messe-Schnellweg) towards Hannover/Messe.

For travelers from the west:
From the A2, take exit 48 Kreuz Hannover-Ost onto the A7 towards Kassel. Continue at exit 58 Hannover-Anderten onto the B65 towards Hannover, then at the Seelhorst junction onto the B6 (Messeschnellweg) towards Hannover-Messe.

Charging stations for electric vehicles

During the trade fairs, a total of up to 43 charging stations will be available close to the entrance. These are divided as follows:

12 charging stations in the north parking lot 4

10 charging stations in the south parking lot 32

14 charging stations in the west parking lot 34

7 charging stations in the west parking lot 41

Hall plan exhibition grounds

General information

Can I make customer requests for my booked accommodation?

You can send your request to We will forward it to the hotel without obligation.


When will I know if my booking is confirmed?

You will receive the booking confirmation by e-mail or post within 1-4 working days. If you have not received a confirmation after 4 working days, please contact us.

For unconfirmed bookings, we will contact you by telephone. If this is unsuccessful, we will inform you of the cancellation by e-mail. We will be happy to discuss possible travel alternatives with you.

Invoice and payment

When is my deposit or final payment due?

Please refer to your invoice/confirmation for payment terms.

Can I request a copy of the invoice?

Yes, of course this is possible. You can find contact information on our contact page.

What are your bank details?

The bank transfer details are stated on your invoice/confirmation. Please use these bank details to ensure correct allocation of your payment.

We generally use the following bank details:

Deutsche Bank AG

IBAN: DE07 2507 0070 0047 7505 02


What payment methods can I use?

You have the option of paying by credit card or bank transfer.

How do I know that my payment has been received?

There is no separate confirmation for advance payments made. All payments should be made on time and without further request. As soon as the total payment has been received, the documents will be sent out.


When can I check in or out?

You can normally check into your room between 14:00 – 15:00. If the room is not ready for you to move into at the time of your arrival, it is certainly possible to store your luggage in the hotel until then. Please speak to the reception staff on arrival.

In most hotels, check-out must take place by 11:00 – 12:00 in the morning. You will receive detailed information here at the hotel. You can also ask directly at the hotel reception whether a late check-out is possible. This is usually subject to a fee.

Can I reserve a parking space in advance?

We can forward your request for a parking space reservation to the hotel without obligation, but only the hotel can guarantee a reservation directly. Please note that any costs are usually settled directly on site.

Can I book other additional services such as an upgrade or a late check-out?

We recommend that you contact the hotel directly in such cases, as any additional charges incurred must be paid directly at the hotel.

What services are included in the tour price?

The tour price generally includes accommodation and the selected meals. Further services included in the tour price can be found in the detailed hotel description.

How do I find and book a wheelchair-accessible room?

Please contact our service team directly at with your request.


I missed my train, is my ticket still valid?

If you have a Flexpreis Touristik ticket, your ticket is valid for the next available train. A Discount Tourist Ticket is only valid if you missed your train due to a cancellation or fault of Deutsche Bahn (e.g. train delay). To be on the safe side, ask the train crew.

What happens to my seat reservation if I miss my connecting train?

If you miss your train due to a fault of Deutsche Bahn (e.g. train delay) or a train cancellation, the train connection is canceled and you may use other trains to get to your destination. If you have the option, it is advisable to confirm this with the train attendant or at a DB information desk at the station. You can have your seat reservation (if available) exchanged at a DB ticket counter.

How do I claim a train delay?

Applications for compensation are processed by the Passenger Rights Service Center in Frankfurt am Main. This requires the completed DB passenger rights form, which you can obtain from the DB information desk at the station or via our download link. Please submit the form there together with the original tickets.

Travel documents

How and when will I receive my documents?

As standard, we send the travel documents by e-mail once payment has been received in full.

Why haven’t I received any documents despite having made a payment?

It often takes a few days for the payment to be recorded in our system. Only then will the travel documents be sent automatically. Please also check the spam folder of your e-mail inbox. It is possible that the expected documents are in there.

Only one person is named on my travel documents, is that correct?

Only the first person traveling (main traveler) is generally named on the travel voucher. Please check whether the number of people traveling and the number of rooms/tickets/train tickets etc. booked is correct.

If this is not the case or if you notice any other discrepancies with your booked services, we recommend that you contact us directly on +49 511 33644 567 or send us a short message to

I am missing vouchers for partial services or I have noticed an error, what do I do?

If this is the case or you notice any other discrepancies with your booked services, we recommend that you contact us directly on +49 511 33644 567 or send us a short message to We will check the matter immediately and send you new travel documents if necessary.

Cancellation & rebooking

How high are my cancellation costs?

Please refer to the invoice/confirmation for the cancellation conditions.

How can I cancel my trip?

You can cancel your trip by e-mail ( You can enquire about the cancellation costs by telephone.

How do I receive my cancellation invoice?

We will send you your cancellation invoice within 24 hours.

What costs will I incur if I cancel my trip?

Please refer to the invoice/confirmation for the cancellation conditions.

Can I make a rebooking?

For rebooking requests for bookings without rail travel, please contact us by telephone or e-mail. We will then check whether a rebooking is possible, depending on the lead time to the travel date.

Can I rebook my train journey?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. A rebooking of the train journey is treated as a cancellation with simultaneous rebooking. Different fees apply for this.

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